Nichole Brabbit | Founder - Unrefined JewelryNICHOLE BRABBIT

While a desire to create a wearable piece with a tank, sweater or dress was the initial inspiration for designer Nicki Brabbit, what ultimately resulted from her creation was a connection to her inner feelings — her strengths, fears and desires — all without her saying a word. It was from this experience and the ensuing comments from others, including strangers, that UNREFINED was born in 2011.

Nicki’s original piece wasn’t predictable, balanced or perfect, but rather uneven, edgy and not uniform. The items blended together as raw yet refined, and once completed represented something beautiful. It’s this raw, refined look that is the signature style of Nicki’s work.

Through the encouragement of others, Nicki began designing more jewelry and found inspiration by connecting vintage, found items, metals, chains, stones and other unique objects and creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Through her own desire to become new again, each piece she creates comes alive as a reflection of the woman wearing it, evoking strength, confidence and a sense of sexiness and sass.

Today, Nicki’s creations include earrings, bracelets, leather bracelets for men and women, and wedding jewelry. Nicki also works with clients to design commissioned pieces, in where she learns the history, pain, happiness, love and other emotions, in order to create connections that represent past memories and current sentiments into a final piece of work.

In 2012, Nicki was selected as accessory designer of the year with RAW. She traveled to Los Angeles to represent Minnesota in the category with other chosen artists from 53 cities nationwide in their craft. UNREFINED is available at Uptown, MN in the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and Indulge & Bloom in Minneapolis.